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One of those days.


Dedicated to Rochelle and her upcoming book of short stories.

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#WED2014: First impressions of Barbados

It’s a great privilege to travel around Barbados with a team of journalists and celebrate World Environment Day through engaging stories that can inspire action. As the official host country, Barbados has organized events from June 1-7 ranging from tree planting events to announcements of new partnerships in order to highlight the impacts of climate change on small island development states (SIDS) and envision how to navigate through the transition to a green economy.

While following the international climate change negotiations, it soon became apparent that the loudest voices consistently came from countries who were most vulnerable to the impacts of climate change, particularly the SIDS. But even though negotiators shout at the top of their lungs regarding the inevitable plight of their people if concrete actions aren’t taken, it often feels like we are at a complete standstill...

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New York City in 48 hours.

April 2014 - NYC won me over.


































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Camille Lepage: Photojournalist in Central African Republic dies.

Photo 5-14-2014, 7 55 19 AM-2.jpg

Travelling with the Anti Balaka to Amada Gaza, about 120km from Berberati, we left at 3.30am to avoid the Misca checkpoints and it took us 8 hours by motorbike as there is no proper roads to reach the village. In the region of Amada Gaza, 150 people were killed by the Seleka between March and now. Another attack took place on Sunday killing 6 people, the anti balaka Colonel Rock decides to send his elements there to patrol around and take people who fled to the bush back to their homes safely. #photojournalism #photography #carcrisis #documentary #latergram #antibalaka

Justice for Camille

The instagram photo above was the last one taken by Camille Lepage on May 6. On Tuesday, she was found in a car near the Bouar region of Central African Republic. The circumstances of her death are not clear as to whether she was killed or caught in the crossfires but the French Presidency...

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John Oliver: How to have a “statistically representative climate change debate.”


For fans of community suffering from withdrawal after finding out the show of misfits has been definitively cancelled, you can take solace by watching Last Week Tonight with Dr. Ian Duncan. Some of you may know him as John Oliver, the annoying British guy with accurate commentary on the decaying state of western civilization.

I will let most of tonight’s episode be a surprise to all of you but let me warn you that the graphics you see cannot be erased from your mind. No matter how hard you try.

The debate on climate change should not be whether it exists; it’s what we should do about it - JO.

But I do want to draw attention to the last segment where John Oliver discusses the disparity in climate change media where there’s still a debate on the issue and the scientific community where 97.1 % have confirmed that humans are contributing to global warming. So why does this...

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Hashtag we the real north

Photo 5-4-2014, 5 26 18 AM.jpg

There’s been a lot of noise lately on social media and broadcast stations about the Raptors in the playoffs. The hashtag #wethenorth even began trending as the city of Toronto buzzed with excitement.

I will be honest - I am a window-shopper when it comes to basketball. By default, I am a Raptors fan being a GTA citizen and appreciate the sport and the sense of community it brings for Torontonians. My experience at ACC watching the game once with my brother was great, so I am always up for watching a game with chanting fans rather than through the screens of the monitor.

But as the hashtag made its way around and invaded my newsfeed periodically when the Raptors faced another opponent, I began to wonder about the messaging. True, we are the northern most basketball team in the NBA and our reputation puts us in an unique position to leverage this brand; the marketing team was wise to...

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Bloopers for the win.

I think it was Confucius who said

“with every second of good footage, there’s 10 seconds of bad footage.”

*I thought that was a clever joke, haha. You might disagree (as would many of my friends despite being attuned to my dry humour).“

Raise your voice, not your (vitamin) C-level

So, for the UNEP World Environment Day Blogging competition, I couldn’t leave all the footage lying around of mistakes and laughter. I realized the source of such laughter is giving creative freedom for each person to interpret the premise of the project and experiment with it.

I enjoy the sound of laughter the most - the boisterous the better. It’s one of the most authentic sounds we can make, and it varies so much from person to person. Oddly enough, the blooper reel is twice as long as the actual video I created for submission.

So, enjoy the laughs.

And learn about why the theme for #WED2014 this...

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The Dolphin Times

A pod of humans disrupts traditional route! Our dorsal fins are still recovering from a near death experience!

This is heartstopping! This group was out in the Sea of Cortez recklessly when they came in our path while a human on a board flailed its arms around. They caught this violation of dolphin rights on camera…

Wow! Could you imagine any more egregious behaviour? This is becoming a frequent occurence!

Share this important video with your friends and tell them to avoid humans.

Oh, and yes we all have names and can humans

So in this age of viral media, this link popped up on my facebook newsfeed. Here’s the screenshot of the original post. Think the alternative message from dolphins is better, personally.


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Whales can’t seem to catch a break.

Good news is becoming hard to come by for whales. They are becoming scarce and harder to find, much like the krill whose population are declining as a byproduct of climate change impacts. Warmer ocean temperatures and the melting sea ice is affect the ecology of the Arctic and Antarctic breeding grounds and altering migration patterns.

Here’s a report by WWF on how climate change is affecting marine life including whales.

Photo 4-23-2014, 11 23 24 PM.jpg

Pipelines and Whales

Canada has recently downgraded the protection of humpback whales under the Species as Risk Act. Found off the coast of BC, these whales are being categorized as “species of special concern” instead of “threatened”. The reason behind this decision is being attributed to 2011 recommendations by Committee on the Status of Endangered Wildlife in Canada (COSEWIC) and the observation that their population has increased “significantly” according to...

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402 ppm

On May 2013, atmospheric concentrations of CO2 near the summit of Mount Loa in Hawai'i exceeded 400 ppm. (ppm stands for parts per million)

Photo 4-8-2014, 5 18 51 PM.jpg

Over the last few days, measurements of 402 ppm have been recorded.

Photo 4-8-2014, 5 13 11 PM.jpg

For more, read Andrew Freedman’s post here


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